GSOC Heat ’17

An event organised by the NITdgpOS community. It was a mock  of The Google Summer of Code, which is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. This blog post gives you an insight of my project work.

It was a great experience to be part of The GSOC Heat, where I got to learn the various standards of the Open Source World and most importantly working in sync with the proposed timeline. Learnt elementary stuff like writing a correct commit message to the strenuous job of getting out from a position when you get stuck. Thanks to my awesome mentor ghoshbishakh, for the guidance and support. Looking forward to GSOC ’17 and more contributions !


Project Details

Project title: Build a basic generic UI using Bootstrap.
Project Proposal: 
Abstract/summary: Create a minimalistic and clean generic UI for the users to deploy their website fast. It involved creating all the views associated with the fest website.
Repository contributed to : festcms – A generic Content management system made specifically for the purpose of handling the websites of college fests – written in Django.

Code links

Link to PR:

Screenshot of the Home Page


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